Why is it called a Deed Poll?

The term “Deed Poll” originates from the way the document is cut or fashioned. Specifically, a deed poll is named as such because the parchment upon which it is written is “polled” or cut in a clean, straight edge, in contrast to indentures, which are deeds made between two or more parties and have indented or jagged edges. This straight-edged cut signifies the unilateral nature of the deed poll, highlighting that it is executed by only one party, typically for purposes such as changing one’s name.

What Is a Deed Poll?

A deed poll is a type of legal document that is binding only on a single person or several persons acting jointly to express an intention or create an obligation. It is distinct from a contract because it binds only the party who executes it. While commonly used for name changes, a deed poll can serve other functions, such as making a promise or a commitment under unilateral terms.

Our Straightforward Service

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A Modern Approach to Identity

Times change, and names should too. Updating yours at Name Changes means:

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