Legally Change Your Name in the UK Name Changes

At Deed Poll UK, we formally make changing your personal or family name straightforward. Updating your identity is an important step for many reasons – from marriage to divorce, witness protection to gender transition, or simply personal preference. But it can also feel daunting.
That’s why Deed Poll UK provides a fast, affordable deed poll service guiding you through the name change process every step of the way.


Who Are We?

Deed Poll UK was founded by experts with decades of combined experience assisting people to officially adopt new names. We understand this is a sensitive time requiring empathy and discretion.
Our dedicated consultants offer personalised support to ensure your name change goes smoothly. We pride ourselves on being approachable, transparent
and stress-free – here whenever you need guidance.

Our Simple Name Change

With Deed Poll UK, updating your identity is a breeze. We prepare a legal name change document tailored to your situation that serves as evidence permitting you to change your name on official records and ID documents.

You’ll receive:

Our friendly team looks forward to assisting you.

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