Men’s Surname Options When Legally Changing Name Upon Marriage in UK

A woman’s rights upon marriage
At Deed Poll UK, we provide official deed polls to formally change names for grooms who wish to update their identity upon marriage.


While most men opt to retain their birth surnames, some prefer alternatives like:

Merging surnames with their spouse’s to create a double-barreled effect.
Adopting their spouse’s surname fully.

Adding their partner’s surname as an additional middle name.

Blending both surnames into a creative new surname.

Understanding Your Choices
Combining or adopting a partner’s surname requires a deed poll for most institutions beyond government bodies like the Passport Office.
Applying in advance allows your betrothed to adopt your updated surname easily later with just the marriage certificate.
If adding a spouse’s surname as a middle name or blending two names appeals, our
personalised deed poll process can assist you. Remember to maintain links to your family origins by keeping original surnames as middle names if you opt for a fully new shared surname.

Applying in Time for Your Big Day

Visit our Homepage to explore your options for surname changes upon marriage. We recommend applying 3
weeks prior so the new deed polls arrive in time to be dated for your special day.

Please get in touch if you need guidance on choosing and formalising a new married name. We look forward to assisting with this exciting transition.

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