Can a Birth Certificate be changed?

Changing Key Details on Your Birth Certificate

Have you discovered an error on your birth certificate or are you looking to amend names or other personal details? While birth certificates are legal documents intended to remain unchanged, there are processes in place to apply for corrections, name changes following life events, and gender recognition updates.


At Deed Poll UK, we provide official services to assist with getting key details changed on UK birth certificates accurately and legally. Read on to find out when amending a birth certificate is possible and how we make it straightforward.

When Can Birth Certificate Details Be Changed?

If you spot an obvious error on your birth certificate, such as a misspelled name or incorrect birth date, you can apply to have it corrected. This involves applying to the General Register Office or local registrar alongside evidence of the mistake. Children under 12 months can also have their forename(s) amended in certain legitimate situations. However, aside from this and gender recognition changes covered below, birth certificates typically stay fixed once issued. Other common UK name changes following marriage, divorce or deed poll cannot be updated directly. Instead, these are managed by providing supportive documentation like a marriage license or deed poll each time ID is required.

Special Cases Allowing Birth Certificate Changes:

Gender Recognition – Individuals who have legally transitioned can obtain a new birth certificate marked with their recognised gender. This is issued upon receiving a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) and supersedes any previous birth record.

Adoption – A child adopted in the UK automatically receives an updated birth certificate listing their adoptive parents. This replaces rather than amends the original.

Re-registration – If a child’s parents were unmarried when originally registering the birth, re-registration can add the father’s name following their marriage.

How Deed Poll UK Helps You Change Birth Certificates

Deed Poll UK has many years of experience assisting customers with personal record changes, including birth certificate amendments and reissues.

If you require a birth certificate alteration for any of the following reasons, we provide legally valid services and documentation:

Our team guides you from start to finish, advising you on the right templates and forms for your situation. We advise on the paperwork so you can focus on your next chapter!

Visit the Deed Poll UK website today to explore our birth certificate amendment support services and begin updating your personal records seamlessly.

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