Name Change Options When Entering a UK Civil Partnership

Options for Name Changes When Entering a Civil Partnership At Deed Poll UK, we can assist couples undergoing the
meaningful commitment of a civil partnership with associated
name changes. While legally you can retain your names or one partner can adopt the other’s surname using the civil partnership certificate, other options exist too.

Popular Alternatives for Name Changes

Double barreling: Combining your surnames appeals to many, although the name order is a personal choice. Most institutions accept the civil partnership certificate for double-barreling changes, but some may need a deed poll.

Changing middle names:

One partner could take the other’s surname and simultaneously adopt their former surname as a middle name via deed poll.

Choosing a new shared surname:

Creating a blended name or choosing an entirely new surname is possible with our couple deed poll application.

When to Apply

Apply three weeks prior to change names in time for your civil partnership celebration formalities. Alternatively, apply post-ceremony when ready to begin updating records.

Changing Titles

Female partners can update titles from Miss to Ms or Mrs as desired. Include title changes in deed polls or simply notify other organisations separately.

Our Straightforward Service

At Deed Poll UK, we streamline name changes for couples entering this meaningful new chapter. Our online portal makes the application quick and secure so you can promptly receive your personalised deed poll document in the mail. Please explore our website or contact us anytime for guidance. It would be our pleasure to assist with your civil partnership name change.

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