Legally Changing an Adopted Child’s Name in the UK

At Deed Poll UK, we specialise in providing official deed polls to formally change names for adults, children and entire families. We understand that changing your name is a significant decision in life, which is why we offer streamlined, affordable services to guide you through the process.

Changing a Child’s Name After Adoption

We often receive inquiries from adoptive parents who wish to modify their newly adopted child’s name. While an adoption certificate legally changes the child’s surname to match the adoptive family, forenames must be updated separately via deed poll if desired.
It’s important to note that all individuals listed as parents on the adoption certificate must consent to any name change. We advise checking all legal and parental rights are respected before proceeding.

Our Simple Deed Poll Service for Children

The good news is Deed Poll UK makes changing an adopted child’s name straightforward. We provide child deed polls tailored to those under 16. Submitting the application takes minutes through our secure online
Once submitted, we’ll prepare your personalised child deed poll document with the new name, which all organisations accept as proof of the change. We’ll deliver this promptly so you can update important records like medical cards, school registration and passports.

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For advice from our Deed Poll specialists, view our range of services or learn more about the name change process, please explore our website or contact us directly. We’re always happy to help guide you through this important transition in a child’s life as smoothly as possible.

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