Can I change my child’s name?

Legally Changing Your Child’s Name Made Simple

Have you decided it’s time to change your child’s legal name? At Deed Poll UK, we make the process straightforward for parents and guardians.

With our professional Child Deed Poll service, you can quickly and securely update your child’s name on legal, medical, educational and other ID records.

How It Works

It only takes a few minutes to complete a personalised Child Deed Poll using our guided online template.

Once signed and witnessed, it serves as conclusive legal proof of the name change – allowing you to update their passport, medical cards, school records and more.

Who Needs to Consent 

For children under 16, British law requires all those with Parental Responsibility must agree to the planned name change.

Follow three simple steps:

We can provide extra consent forms in our Child Deed Poll pack for relevant parties to sign and approve the name change. This ensures you have all the right documentation needed.

Over 16s Can Change Their Name Independently
Once your child turns 16, they gain the legal right to change their name independently using an Adult Deed Poll without any parental consent required.
At Deed Poll UK, we offer Adult Deed Poll services tailored to their specific needs. This allows them to quickly update college, bank, employment records and more.
Change Your Child’s Name Legally in Minutes

Don’t delay that name change process any longer!

Visit our homepage or simply hit the Apply Now button on every page to purchase our professional Child Deed Poll service and update your child’s legal name securely today.

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