How long does the process take?

How Long Does It Take to Officially Change Your Name?

At Deed Poll UK, we make legally changing your name a swift and seamless process. Once you receive your personalised Deed Poll document, your new name and identity become legally valid. However, updating your name universally across all records and IDs takes a bit longer.

So how long does a name change via deed poll
officially take from start to finish?
Here’s a breakdown:

Getting Your Deed Poll

With our online/phone application and fast delivery options, obtaining
deed poll paperwork is speedy:

For child name changes, allow time to gain consent from all guardians.

Overall, expect from 1- 7 working days to receive your official signed, sealed and delivered deed poll document, depending on the service and delivery method selected at checkout.

Executing Your Deed Poll

Once your personalised deed poll arrives, it must be executed to legally bind your new name change.

Follow three simple steps:

1. Sign your new name in front of an independent adult witness
2. Have witness sign to verify your signature
3. Write the current date

Informing Organisations

Now comes updating your new details universally across personal records, accounts and official IDs.

How long this takes depends on your pace chasing up companies and authorities like your bank, GP, passport office etc. For most, fully adopting their new name identity takes around 6-8 weeks.

Must-Update Documents Include:


Driving license

Medical/ Dental records

Insurance policies

Mortgage rental agreements

Vehicle log book

Bank accounts

Pension plans

We provide information on what organisations to notify, making the process straightforward. Act Quickly for a New You  
Begin your hassle-free legal name, change today at Deed Poll UK

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