Are there any restrictions on names?

A New Identity Awaits with Deed Poll UK

Changing your name can feel liberating – a chance to align your outer self with your inner truth. While the UK grants considerable freedom in selecting a new name, some restrictions apply. This guide from Deed Poll UK, the specialist in legal name changes, offers friendly advice on the dos and don’ts.

First, the basics. Deed Poll provides a straightforward way to change your name legally. Whether due to marriage, divorce, gender transition or simply personal preference, Deed Poll UK makes it easy, fast and affordable to embrace a name reflecting the real you. Our online system handles everything securely and discretely.

When selecting a new name, creativity has its limits:

Misleading names are prohibited, so forget false claims to royalty or professional titles. Offensive, provocative or threatening names also fall afoul of guidelines. On the practical side, avoid punctuation, symbols, numbers or excessive length that will not fit official documents.

While the name change process is administratively simple, the implications are significant. Your new name must be signed and witnessed formally. It then replaces your previous name on financial, educational, medical and other personal records.

Deed Poll UK recognises that a name expresses identity.

Our guidance on legal name changes empowers you to gain the sense of self a new name can provide. Join the thousands who have changed their names hassle-free with Deed Poll UK.

Contact us today for more information or to get started.

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