Notify organizations of Your New Legal Name Change in the UK

Who to advise after changing your name
Changing your name is an exciting new chapter! However, it also involves some important admin to ensure your new identity aligns across records. At Deed Poll UK, we’re here to help guide you on announcing your new name.

Upon finalising a name change through a legal Deed Poll with us, notify key record-holders. Most will need to view the original documents or a certified copy to amend their systems, available through our archive service.
Photocopies typically suffice for others.
For children, provide consent letters from parents or guardians submitted during the Deed Poll process. This protects all parties.

Below are common entities to inform
about your shiny new name!

While birth certificates remain unchanged, our guidance explains options. Updating records helps cement your new name everywhere it matters.
We’re ready to demystify the admin required to announce your name change properly.

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