UK Women Legally Reclaim Identity Post-Divorce Through Deed Polls

A woman’s rights upon divorce
Going through a divorce brings lots of changes, including the choice to resume using your maiden name.
At Deed Poll UK, we’re here to make that name change process easy.

Many women find empowerment in reclaiming their pre-married identity. Depending on the organisation, you may only need your decree absolute and marriage certificate with your maiden name visible to update your records.

However, banks and other institutions often require formal Deed Poll documentation to guarantee the name change is legally binding across all your accounts and memberships.
Our online Deed Poll application streamlines the process from start to finish. We can even include additional name modifications like first, middle or surnames if you desire a complete change. Deed Polls overcome any disputes around name change validity following a divorce.
If you have children, you also have the option to update their last names to match yours or hyphenate both surnames. However, consent from the children’s father and anyone else with parental responsibility is
mandatory for minors. We have resources on child name changes for blended families on our website.
This new chapter brings many decisions – including whether to go by Mrs., Miss or Ms. Let our supportive team guide you through each one with personalized attention.

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